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Innoveev enables gaming accessories brand 3jeeb Store to expand internationally

3jeebStore Case Study by Innoveev

26-04-2024 Written by Innoveev

Innoveev has been the secret weapon behind Ajeeb Store's skyrocketing success in e-commerce. With cutting-edge solutions and seamless integration, Innoveev has propelled Ajeeb Store famously known as 3jeeb Store from an eCommerce home business in Dubai to a global sensation. Discover how their partnership has revolutionized operations, conquered new markets, and delivered unbeatable customer experiences.

3jeeb Store Slogan

Introduction: From dorm room to boardroom

Ever heard of turning a dorm room idea into a global phenomenon? Well, buckle up because 3jeeb Store's journey from a modest eCommerce home business in Dubai to an empire is one heck of a ride.

With just a spark of creativity and a sprinkle of determination, Ali Al Hamed, TikTok influencer extraordinaire, and his partner, the MD student Humaid M., teamed up to launch 3jeeb Store. Starting with a mere 5,000 AED, they dared to dream big and boy, did they deliver!

Ali Al Hamed
Ali Al Hamed

The Challenge: From Joystick to Jackpot in One Year

Imagine this: in just twelve short months, 3jeeb Store went from selling gaming accessories out of a small room to hitting a jaw-dropping 500,000 AED valuation. Yup, you read that right – talk about leveling up at speed! But with great success comes great challenges. As orders poured in faster than a high-speed game download, Ali and Humaid faced the daunting task of keeping up with evolving customer expectations and scaling their operations.

The Solution: Innoveev to the Rescue!

Enter Innoveev, the hero behind 3jeeb Store's meteoric rise. With a trusty toolkit packed with cutting-edge eCommerce platform and logistical proficiency, Innoveev swooped in to save the day. They customized an eCommerce store so sleek and seamless, customers couldn't resist clicking 'add to cart' faster than you can say "game on!" Plus, with strategic partnerships with logistics giants like Aramex and iMile 3jeeb Store's deliveries were smoother than a flawless speedrun.

The Transformation: From Pixel to Profit

With Innoveev's magic touch, 3jeeb Store became the go-to destination for gaming aficionados across the UAE. Their secret sauce? Authentic gaming goodies at prices that won't break the bank – a recipe for success that had customers hitting 'refresh' faster than a respawn timer. And when 3jeeb Store caught the eye of investors, it was a testament to the brand's unstoppable momentum. Later, with hearts full of pride, Ali and Humaid bid farewell as 3jeeb Store embarked on its next chapter, thanks to their hard work and Innoveev's game-changing support.

3jeebStore Product Case Study by Innoveev

The International Expansion: From Local Legends to Global Gamers

Just when you thought 3jeeb Store couldn't level up any further, they went global! While initially delivering locally and offering services to boost gamers' FPS on their PCs,

3jeeb Store soon had orders pouring in from across the globe.

From the gaming havens of KSA to the pixel-packed landscapes of Oman and Qatar, 3jeeb Store's reach knew no bounds. With a fanbase spanning continents, Ali and Humaid's dream had truly gone global, cementing their status as eCommerce royalty.

Conclusion: Game Over? Nah, It's Just the Beginning!

From humble beginnings to eCommerce royalty, 3jeeb Store's journey is a testament to the power of partnership, innovation, and a whole lot of hustle. With Innoveev by their side, Ali and Humaid defied the odds, proving that dreams really do come true in the world of e-commerce. So, whether you're a startup sensation or a seasoned pro, remember this: with the right team and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible in the digital realm. Here's to 3jeeb Store – the ultimate gaming champs!

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