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Tap. Delivered.

This is why people choose innoveev

Logi app is your all-in-one delivery platform. Utilising the most advanced technologies and services to make sure that your order gets delivered.

The Platform that is built to deliver.

Malonya Collections X Innoveev
CeluiCasa X Innoveev
KitsBar X Innoveev
3jeebstore X Innoveev

Delivering great
shipping experiences

Welcome to the UAE's number one shipping platform. We help online sellers turn shipping from one of their brand’s biggest struggles, to the last thing they worry about.

You are never alone.
Logi’s Partnerships are here to help.

aramex X Innoveev
SPC X Innoveev
IQFulfillment X Innoveev
ManoliaGroup X Innoveev
Lightspeed X Innoveev
Imile X Innoveev
Stripe X Innoveev
Scandinavia Tech X Innoveev
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