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Innoveev Innovative Team

Things you must know

Our work isn't about winning at someone else's expense. Our products and services empowers entrepreneurship to generate fresh value globally and fosters limitless personal advancement for those involved in its creation.

We prioritize productivity, rapid delivery, and continuous learning. Our approach values minimal bureaucracy and fosters trust, prioritizing meaningful impact. To thrive here, you must be deeply passionate about your work and committed to ongoing skill refinement. Innoveev might not align with everyone's preferences.

If you thrive in a structured corporate environment with traditional offices, we're not the right fit. However, if you seek dynamic growth, excel in solving complex challenges, and embrace change (even in the middle of some chaos), you're in the right place. It's time to discover where you belong.

Every member of our team aspires to excel in their respective fields. Some may already be world-renowned experts: Olympic champions, chess grandmasters, or Michelin-star chefs. If you fall into this category, then you are at the right place.

Who we hire

Elon Must wanna be who seek growth

Innoveev boasts a distinctive culture, making it challenging for those who aren't an ideal fit. We aim to attract individuals who can flourish in our environment, understanding our problem-solving approach, our attitude toward internal development, and our corporate progression.

Care deeply, but accept the bigger picture

Improving software and development is like leveling up in a video game. We've got to support everyone, even if we don't agree with. It's about keeping our eyes on the prize and occasionally hitting pause on our personal benefits to conquer challenges and have a blast along the way.

Thrive, not survive, on change and chaos

We're building products for Innoveev's century-long journey, demanding a relentless pace, (measured by days, not years). To succeed, you must thrive on ambiguity, embracing change rather than enduring it, showcasing resilience in our dynamic environment.

Constant learning, constant discomfort

Joining our team means collaborating with highly motivated individuals dedicated to mastering their craft. But growth isn't just an option—it's an expectation. With ample resources to support you, you'll continuously challenge yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone to reach new heights.

See if we are open for hiring

Join us, here is where you belong.

Marketing Department - Innoveev

Content Marketing Manager, UAE.

Join our UAE-based team to drive content performance in the Middle East, with a focus on UAE and GCC markets. Shape Innoveev's voice, craft content strategy, and collaborate with marketing teams. Dive into audience research, develop full-funnel content journeys, and streamline translation processes. Join us in shaping regional content marketing!

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Team Meeting

Sales Executive, UAE.

This position requires the candidate to be based in the UAE with proficiency in Arabic and English. Join our sales team in the UAE to drive Innoveev's products adoption. Work directly with brands, understanding their needs, and advising on how Innoveev can boost their digital strategies. Responsibilities include growing business opportunities, managing the sales cycle, and collaborating with internal teams for an exceptional merchant experience.

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Young Accountant

Senior Accountant, Egypt.

Join our accounting team in Egypt & the UAE to ensure financial integrity and compliance. Responsibilities include managing accounts payable/receivable, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial reports. Proficiency in both Arabic and English is required. Collaborate with internal teams to support strategic financial decision-making and ensure accurate financial records.

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Video Editors

Video Editor, Egypt.

Join our creative team in Egypt and the UAE as a Video Editor. Craft compelling visual stories to elevate brand presence across platforms. Proficiency in video editing software and creativity is a must. Collaborate with content creators to produce engaging video content that captivates audiences. Join us in shaping the visual narrative of our brand!

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Young Programmer

Backend Developer, UAE, Egypt, Philippines.

Join our tech team in the UAE as a Backend Developer specializing in Next.js, Vercel, and Firebase. Develop innovative and scalable solutions using these technologies. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to architect and implement backend systems that drive our platform's success. Join us in shaping the future of our digital ecosystem!

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A male Asian developer brainstorming

Frontend Developer, UAE, Egypt, Philippines.

Join our tech team in the UAE as a Front End Developer specializing in React.js and React Native. Create intuitive and visually stunning user interfaces for our web and mobile applications. Proficiency in these frameworks is required. Collaborate with designers and backend developers to deliver seamless user experiences across platforms. Join us in crafting the next generation of user-centric digital experiences!

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From the UAE to the world!

Together, we will expand your business to a global business with the right tools and services.

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