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Report Abuse
Reporting Abuse & Rights Infringement

Innoveev is dedicated to preventing misuse and violations of rights within its eCommerce platform. However, as websites and domains are managed by individual users, we lack direct control over the content or domain names.

You have the option to notify us about any inappropriate content on a Innoveev website or domain registered through Innoveev. Our policy entails thoroughly investigating all reports of alleged abuse or rights infringement.

If you come across anything suspicious, illegal, or in violation of our terms and conditions on any site associated with Innoveev's merchants, please don't hesitate to use the report button to notify us through the button on the footer available on all sites. Your feedback helps us maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure a safe environment for all users.


Please select the type of abuse report you wish to submit. Upon receiving such reports, we strive to address them promptly, assigning a unique ticket ID for tracking purposes. While we aim to resolve issues within 3 business days, the timeframe may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case.

Phishing or Spam

Copyright Infringement

Trademark Infringement

General Abuse 

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